Minding Her Business: Dr. Rushia Butler

Dr. Rushia Butler of the Wellness Integrative Medical CenterName of business:

Wellness Integrative Medical Center, Inc.

How long you have been in business for yourself?:

1 year on July 15th. The business is ever growing & evolving.

Business product or service:

Traditional Medicine, Reiki Healing, Family Fitness, Cosmetic Skin Care and products (holistic and healthy aging), Community Supported Agriculture Grocery Pick- Up Program (My patients know I bring it all right to ’em, and mean it when I say eat right and exercise since their produce can be delivered directly to them via my office each Thursday).

What led you to start your business?:

I became disappointed with medicine becoming a business and the fact that the products and services that I most valued/spend money on were not available in my own community.

What kept/keeps you going during challenging times?:

Friends, family, patients, and my savings account ;-)!

One lesson you’ve learned during your entrepreneurial journey:

Order your signage early, and pay attention to local ordinances.

One thing about your business that makes you smile:

Walking patients with high blood pressure and diabetes through our Free Community Herbal Healing Garden to pick herbs that are right for them.

Favorite motivational quote:

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Favorite chocolate:

Dark 😉


Dr. Rushia Butler of the Wellness Integrative Medical Center

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