Minding Her Business: Colleen Loftus

Colleen Loftus - Rich Pizza JointName of business:

Rich’s Pizza Joint

How long you have been in business for yourself?:

6 plus years

Business product or service:

Pizzeria & Restaurant

What led you to start your business?:

Helping someone pursue their dream of owning a restaurant

What kept/keeps you going during challenging times?:

My partner

One lesson you’ve learned during your entrepreneurial journey:

Can’t force things to happen – and it takes time- you have to let time be on your side

One thing about your business that makes you smile:


Favorite motivational quote:

“When the going gets tough – the tough get going.”

Favorite chocolate:

Ghirardelli and dark salted caramel ( mostly found at Micheals Arts & Crafts ! )


Colleen Loftus - Rich Pizza Joint

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