Minding Her Business: Christine Neal

Christine Neal Fabulous Over 50Name of business:

Target Promotions – Publishers of Fabulous Over 50 Magazine

How long you have been in business for yourself?

20 years… this year!


Business product or service:

Advertising and Marketing Services for Businesses


What led you to start your business?

I wanted to produce quality events and niche marketing products for businesses. I also wanted to work during the day while my kids were in school, keeping weekends and evenings free for family time. Business to Business sales was perfect.

What kept/keeps you going during challenging times?

My passion for wanting to empower and educate women. Recently, I did an exercise that taught me a lot about myself.

One lesson you’ve learned during your entrepreneurial journey:

It takes a team.


One thing about your business that makes you smile:

It’s all FABULOUS, try to even say the word and not feel something.


Favorite motivational quote:

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve.


Favorite chocolate:

Chocolate Ghirardelli Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.


Christine Neal Fabulous Over 50

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