Biggest Mistakes Women Make in Relationships

Women are stronger and fiercer in today’s changing World. But this Amazonian figure often breaks down in the face of a close relationship with the opposite sex. While the men seem to move on and beyond sooner than we women can blink. I feel this is not to be attributed to women being the weaker sex and by opposition, men the stronger. Women trust and confide and become emotionally vulnerable. It doesn’t make their gender weak as a whole, but definitely weak in the face of a relationship. So let us look at the biggest mistakes women make in their relationships which makes them weaker when in one.

Too Easy to Trust Others

Trusting easily and hence making oneself emotionally vulnerable. Women need to give time to not only their partner to show his complete true personality but also to themselves to grow and all gradually in love, rather than the head over heels kind, which has higher chances of being a disaster.  Of course love does happens at first site too, but falling in love and remaining in love, which means remaining in a relation, are two different things altogether. So women need to reign in their feelings, need to judge, be wise and go slow. Women should not make the mistake of getting too close, too soon.

Expectations: The Unrealistic Ones

The second biggest mistake that women make is having unrealistic expectations. You will not find a frog who will turn into a prince when you kiss him. Nor will there be a Mr. Darcy. Look at yourself and ask how much of a princess you are. Let us not be in an illusion about being a daddy’s princess who will then be handed to a king on a white horse. Women need to get real. The man in real life that is, in your life, will not be tall, dark and handsome-all at once, he will forget each and every anniversary (let us assume the worst), then he may remember your birthday but he is not going to throw a surprise party each time. He did it in the first year of meeting you, as he was wooing you. You have been wooed , now please return to planet Earth. So high expectations are a killer and definitely on top of the list of the worst mistakes women make.

Professionally Flickering in Relationships

Thirdly, in this competitive world, women who are completely focused on their career before their relationship, sometimes start losing focus, once in it. This is dangerous in this competitive World we inhabit today. One of the worst things a woman can do is lose focus and hence be dependent on somebody else.

The Dependance

Talking of dependence, women tend to become entirely dependent on their partners, for their social lives. Suddenly friends are not so important and your boyfriend/spouse is be all and end all. This will destroy you when he leaves you and taking the fairytale cue further, there are is no happy ever after. You would have noticed by now, how novels are happily silent about the “happy ever after”. This is because not much lasts forever and if it does, not so happily. So fourth mistake, devoting all time and energy to one person is a stupid idea. Have your strong group of friends and family.

Stop Assuming Things, Will You?

Women are usually two steps ahead in a relationship. This is being in different places in a relationship and will again lead to high expectations. Do not assume what your partner feels about you, be sure. Talk to him more than dreaming. It won’t break your heart later.

And finally always remember the great old saying- “Love arrives on tiptoe and bangs the door when it leaves” (Robert Lembke).

So let us be realistic and cautious before the big bang, if it happens and if it doesn’t, let us be stronger and happier in our ever after.

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Jeremy Stark was managing online reputation for Chatmasher. He comes with an industry experience of over a decade now. When it comes to managing your online reputation, he is your man.

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